As a registered ACLU lobbyist for nearly ten years, Deborah Ross fought for countless radical, out-of-touch policies that have earned her the alias, “Radical Ross.” Ross’ work on behalf of the ACLU’s most extreme positions also secured her recognition among “the top 50 most influential North Carolina lobbyists” – a superlative she embraced.

With a record like this, Ross is already being called “the most liberal North Carolina Democratic nominee in history.” In fact, one Democratic Pollster has even compared her to Elizabeth Warren.

Deborah Ross’ far outside-the-mainstream ideas ensured she was no one’s first choice for the Democratic nomination, including her own Party. After being turned down by no less than four potential recruits, national Democrats eventually gave up on their efforts and lined up behind Ross. Now, she’s raking in support from some of the most extreme special interest groups including Howard Dean’s progressive group Democracy for America (DFA), Planned Parenthood, and EMILY’s List.

“I Am Truly Grateful For This Recognition. … Lobbying Is Not Easy Work, Especially On The Range Of Controversial Constitutional And Policy Issues The ACLU Tackles.”
- Deborah Ross 8/2/00


Sex Offenders

Ross opposed the creation of the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. In an August 1995 memo, Ross slammed the creation of a sex offender registry in North Carolina, saying “This bill would make it even harder for people to reintegrate into society and start over and could lead to vigilantism.” In 1997, Ross was opposed to an online sex offender registry in North Carolina saying “It will have unintended consequences” and it won’t protect children. (Foon Rhee and Kathleen McClain, “Senate Broadens Sex Offender List,” Charlotte Observer, 5/22/97)

Flag Burning

In June 1995, Ross criticized a House of Representatives vote to ban flag burning saying “We have a first amendment right to burn the flag as symbolic speech.” (David Hess, “Amendment On Burning Flag Easily Passes House,” Charlotte Observer, 6/29/95)
In 2000, the North Carolina ACLU’s website celebrated “A tremendous victory for free speech and the Bill Of Rights” When Congress failed to pass a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the flag.

Top Lobbyist

Deborah Ross was a registered lobbyist in North Carolina from 1995 until 2002. She was even ranked as one of the "The Top 50 Most Influential North Carolina Lobbyists" according to the The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research.